Beryl Edmonds

The club is very sad to have to report the death of Beryl, on Sunday morning 28th June, at Derriford Hospital.  This followed a fall at her care home on Friday. She was 92.

Many members will remember her as a keen bridge player, with an alert mind.  She took a real interest in her friends at the club, always remembering the details of their lives which they had told.  Although frail for several years, and suffering acute arthritis, blood circulation problems and in the last year or so, poor sight she somehow mangaged to keep going, and to win games of bridge!

Since the beginning of 2019 members of the club paid regular visits to her care home for games of bridge and a cup for the winner of these games was specially made by John Young. Beryl was the holder of it - quite legitimately.

A date for the funeral is yet to be announced, but will be no sooner than the week after next.  Her son hopes that the club will be represented; but because of the current circumstances attendance will have to be strictly limited.

ECats SIM Pairs in aid of Kidney Research

A Date for the  diaries: Thursday 9th July at 1pm

The usual ECats Sim Pairs in aid of Kidney Research will be happening online in BBO.  Session fee will be 8 BB$ with the extra going to Kidney Research as it would normally in the club.

Ecats have advised that we will be playing 21 boards.

We will be opening up this event to the Devon and Cornwall players who have been playing with us in the evenings.

Session number is 3428.


Bridgebase Online (BBO) - Virtual Plymouth Bridge Club

Club BBO Sessions are held on Mondays and Thursdays at 1 pm and Tuesdays and Fridays at 7-15 pm.

The afternoon sessions are for club members only but for the evening sessions we will welcome members from other local Devon and Cornwall Bridge Clubs.

You will find a page dedicated to BBO in the menu on the LHS of this Homepage.

In the BBO page you will find a list of BBO User Names and corresponding member names to help you find a partner if required.

Devon Bridge Association - AGM 12th July 2020

Please see the link below for details of the DBA AGM.

/TinyFileManager/resources/files/59///18 may 2020 agm notice

Welcome to Plymouth Bridge Club

We are a friendly, thriving club in West Devon. Bridge is played in our own clubhouse complete with several playing rooms and refreshment facilities. We cater for all standards of bridge player and provide a full range of courses for beginners and improvers.

Do come and try us - bridge is a great social activity. You will be made very welcome. We look forward to seeing you. Please contact Judy Ripley on 01752 893524 or Richard Ayres on  01752 600822 for further information about bridge sessions and lessons. 

Competitions 2020

 1 May-31 Aug   Fri      Summer cup (best 6 out of minimum 8 to count)

 1 May–31 Aug  Thu     Tudor summer cup (best 6 out of minimum of 8 to count)


 July 9              Thu     ECATS Kidney Research Sim Pairs

 July 12            Sun     Devon AGM at 11am followed by online pairs on BBO at 1.15pm (registration from 11.15am cost $3) entry form online on Devon website

Sep            Sat-Sun    Plymouth congress online

Sep                  Sat     DAA Sim Pairs

Oct 31              Sat     DAA Sim Pairs

The plan from September is to create some new online competitions and to set aside the normal club competitions (to be run at a later date), recognising that not all club members are able to be online. Watch this space!


Bridge Club Live

The club is now registered with Bridge Club Live, see link below. 

Bridge Club Live User Guide:

/TinyFileManager/resources/files/59///bridge club live - user guide

The following provides guidance on how to get 4 club members playing together in Bridge Club Live. All 4 obviously need to be full members of BCL and far easier if they have registered Plymouth Bridge Club as their local club.

Bridge Club Live Alias List for Club Members.  Most alias' can be guessed but if anyone would like their's included for general awareness please e-mail [email protected]

/TinyFileManager/resources/files/59///bridge club live alias list for plymouth bridge club

 Here are some additional notes

/TinyFileManager/resources/files/59///bridge club live - notes


/TinyFileManager/resources/files/59///bridge club live alias list for plymouth bridge club


We are running the Summer cup and the Tudor Summer cup online in BBO and the current standings can be found at:

Summer cup

Tudor Summer cup

We have decided to award the Spring Cup, even though the full number of evenings could not be completed, as there were a number of players who had qualified. So congratulations go to Mel Melville-Brown.



In the light of the recent developments regarding the coronavirus it seems sensible to close the activities of Plymouth Bridge Club for the time being.

This means that afternoon and evening bridge sessions are cancelled with immediate effect and that Monday morning and Thursday evening classes will be postponed to a later date.

In addition the Annual General Meeting scheduled for the 23rd of March will be postponed to a later date.

We will resume the activities of the club as soon as possible and contact you again when this seems sensible.

In the meantime keep as safe as you can and I will look forward to seeing you when the crisis is over.

Best Wishes

Steve Lacey


Chair of Plymouth Bridge Club


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Weekly Bridge Sessions

Ring Steve Lacey 01752 822493 if you need a partner

For players coming to the Club by car for the first time please arrive sufficiently early as finding a parking space can take time. The car park above the railway line (accessed from the town centre direction by turning left after Mutley Baptist Church) is free from 6pm in the evenings.

Monday Afternoons 1-4.30pm.
Basic Acol only. Duplicate. No Partner needed.

Tuesday Afternoons 1-4pm.
A small, friendly session. 

Wednesday Afternoons 1-4.30pm.
Duplicate. No Partner needed.

Thursday Afternoons 1-4.30pm.
Duplicate. No Partner needed.

Friday Evenings 7-10.30pm. 
Duplicate. No Partner needed.

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