Ann Husk

It is with great sadness that Plymouth Bridge Club has to report the death of Ann Husk.
 Ann was a long time member of the Club and was a really good and calm Director.  She was also a brilliant bridge player, who will be greatly missed by her various partners.
Our sympathies go out to her husband, John, and her family.

End of Year News Letter from the Chair

Please follow the link below for the End of Year Newsletter from the Club Chair.

 /TinyFileManager/resources/files/59///december 2020 newsletter

Bridgebase Online (BBO) - Virtual Plymouth Bridge Club

Club BBO Sessions are held on Mondays and Thursdays at 1 pm and Tuesdays and Fridays at 7-15 pm.

The afternoon sessions are for club members only but for the evening sessions we will welcome members from other local Devon and Cornwall Bridge Clubs. If you are not a member of PBC and would like to play in our evening sessions please e-mail your details to [email protected] in order to register.

You will find a page dedicated to BBO in the menu on the LHS of this Homepage.

In the BBO page you will find a list of BBO User Names and corresponding member names to help you find a partner if required.

Multiple teams of 4 matches against other clubs

We have been invited by a number of bridge clubs to play multiple teams of 4 matches against them. The current schedule is:

12th August vs Deva lost 48-72

4th November vs Deva won 73-67

11th November vs St Albans won 81-79

20th January 2.30pm vs Welwyn Garden City

10th February 7pm vs St Albans

Thursday 18th March 7 or 7.15pm vs Dalbeattie

14th April 7.15pm vs Tyler Hill

Each side recruits several teams of four players with the highest NGS grades in team A, then going down for as many teams as possible so that lots of people from each club can get an enjoyable, evenly-matched game. So far they have had between 5 and 11 teams of four on each side. All the matches are played at the same time on BBO, usually over 12 boards but could be up to 2x12 according to preference.

The results of each match are converted to VPs and the club with the most VPs across all the matches played is the winner on the night.

Please contact me (individuals, pairs) if you are interested in playing. Obviously the more teams we can put together the better.


[email protected]

Welcome to Plymouth Bridge Club

We are a friendly, thriving club in West Devon. Bridge is played in our own clubhouse complete with several playing rooms and refreshment facilities. We cater for all standards of bridge player and provide a full range of courses for beginners and improvers.

Do come and try us - bridge is a great social activity. You will be made very welcome. We look forward to seeing you. Please contact Judy Ripley on 01752 893524 or Richard Ayres on  01752 600822 for further information about bridge sessions and lessons. 

Competitions 2021

Congratulations to Sue Gregory who has done the double and won both the Mayflower cup and the Mayflower Tudor cup. Congratulations also go to Margaret and Digby Hole who have won the Mayflower 400 cup.

All members of the club are welcome to enter the competitions. The annual membership fee is £12 but you can currently become a member up to 31 March 2021 by paying just £6.

Competitions from 1 January 2021

1 Jan - 31 Mar Spring cup

Individual competition online on Tuesday and Friday evenings with at least 2 different partners. Best 8 out of a minimum of 13 sessions to count.

1 Jan - 31 Mar Tudor Spring cup

 Individual competition online on Monday and Thursday afternoons with at least 2 different partners. Best 8 out of a minimum of 13 sessions to count.

1 Jan - 31 Mar Jan Plumb cup

Pairs competition online on Monday and Thursday afternoons with NGS up to 6. Best 8 out of a minimum of 13 sessions to count.


Wednesday 27 January     Devon BA sim pairs for Devon Air Ambulance

Thursday 4 March            Devon BA sim pairs for Devon Air Ambulance

Friday 23 April                 Devon BA sim pairs for Devon Air Ambulance


Bridge Club Live

The club is now registered with Bridge Club Live, see link below. 

Bridge Club Live User Guide:

/TinyFileManager/resources/files/59///bridge club live - user guide

The following provides guidance on how to get 4 club members playing together in Bridge Club Live. All 4 obviously need to be full members of BCL and far easier if they have registered Plymouth Bridge Club as their local club.

Bridge Club Live Alias List for Club Members.  Most alias' can be guessed but if anyone would like their's included for general awareness please e-mail [email protected]

/TinyFileManager/resources/files/59///bridge club live alias list for plymouth bridge club

 Here are some additional notes

/TinyFileManager/resources/files/59///bridge club live - notes


/TinyFileManager/resources/files/59///bridge club live alias list for plymouth bridge club


In the light of the recent developments regarding the coronavirus it seems sensible to close the activities of Plymouth Bridge Club for the time being.

This means that afternoon and evening bridge sessions are cancelled with immediate effect and that Monday morning and Thursday evening classes will be postponed to a later date.

In addition the Annual General Meeting scheduled for the 23rd of March will be postponed to a later date.

We will resume the activities of the club as soon as possible and contact you again when this seems sensible.

In the meantime keep as safe as you can and I will look forward to seeing you when the crisis is over.

Best Wishes

Steve Lacey


Chair of Plymouth Bridge Club


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Connectivity Issues Playing Bridge Online

As a club we have been successfully playing on-line during the pandemic. We have used Bridge Base Online and have experimented with Real Bridge and Bridge Club Live. Real Bridge looks as if it may be the future being a British System that includes sound and vision on the bridge platform making it more like playing bridge in the club room.

The attachment /TinyFileManager/resources/files/59///plymouth bridge club - online bridge advice provides further information and we hope you find it useful and perhaps encourage many of you to look at your own situation so that you can continue to play this wonderful game. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need help.


Steve Lacey (01752 822493)


Charles Greenlees (07950000851)

Weekly Bridge Sessions

Ring Steve Lacey 01752 822493 if you need a partner

For players coming to the Club by car for the first time please arrive sufficiently early as finding a parking space can take time. The car park above the railway line (accessed from the town centre direction by turning left after Mutley Baptist Church) is free from 6pm in the evenings.

Monday Afternoons 1-4.30pm.
Basic Acol only. Duplicate. No Partner needed.

Tuesday Afternoons 1-4pm.
A small, friendly session. 

Wednesday Afternoons 1-4.30pm.
Duplicate. No Partner needed.

Thursday Afternoons 1-4.30pm.
Duplicate. No Partner needed.

Friday Evenings 7-10.30pm. 
Duplicate. No Partner needed.

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