04 March 2019

Tuesday, 30 April 2019 by Pete Tunnicliffe



Minutes of the Club Committee meeting held on Monday 4th March 2019




               Steve Lacey - Chair

               Charles Greenlees - Treasurer                                   

               Diane McGregor – Secretary

Allan Simpson – Membership Secretary

Digby Hole, Sue Murkin, Gill Seymour, Margaret Wotton

Ailie Henry, Jenny Young - Trustees                       

Apologies Richard Ayres, Pete Tunnicliffe.                                                                       


1.            Minutes of meeting held on Monday 11th February 2019

The Minutes were approved as a correct record.


2.            Matters arising from Minutes.

PAT testing – The cost will be £2 per appliance with no call out charge.  A list to be prepared.

Fire doors – Russell to be contacted again, for his advice, as the upstairs fire door is still not closing properly. 

Back Yard – The back yard still needs to be cleared of rubbish.

Best Behaviour at Bridge Sign – Will be collected this week.


3.            Treasurers Report

Charles presented the January Profit and Loss Account and answered all questions.  Insurance will cost an extra £50 this year.


4.            Building, Maintenance and Improvements

To be discussed when the new Committee has been formed.


5.            Competitions Committee Report

 We have withdrawn from the EBU SIMS competition on the 14th March.  A list of trophy winners and a new list of events for 2019-2020 will be prepared for the AGM.


6.            Bridge Lessons

Laura Porro will be in the Club on Wednesday 20th March to teach the Jacoby convention, this will take place in the large Bridge room.


7.            Preparation for AGM on Monday 25th March 2019

Preparations for the AGM are in hand.  All serving Committee members and two Trustees (having served for three years) will be required to re-apply for their place on the new Committee. 


8.            Correspondence

A second complaint, about misleading bidding, had been received. 




9.            Any other business.

Session prices and membership - The Monday and Thursday afternoon table money will remain at £3 (which includes a cup of tea or coffee) and the membership fee at £12.

Slow play -Directors to encourage players to play quicker.

Bridge Lessons - After a free year, people attending bridge lessons will be required to pay a membership fee in April.

Evening bridge - Due to lack of support, it is doubtful that the Wednesday evening bridge session will continue after the end of March.  


10.         Date of Next Meeting

The AGM will be held on Monday 25th March 2019 at 6 p.m.