Extraordinary General Meeting


Monday 22nd July at 6pm at 1 Moor View Terrace Plymouth PL4 7EB


1. To approve the club becoming a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO).

The Draft Constitution and Appendix have been circulated in advance of the meeting.

2. To approve the first Trustees of the Plymouth Bridge Club CIO.

3. To approve the Trustees of Plymouth Bridge Club transferring the assets and liabilities of Plymouth Bridge Club to the Plymouth Bridge Club CIO, once the CIO is set up.

Plymouth Bridge Club - Duplicate Pairs Sessions

The following Duplicate Sessions are held:

Monday - F2F starting at 1-00 pm. Hosted.

Tuesday - F2F Social Bridge starting at 1-00 pm.  A friendly non scored event.  No partner required.

Tuesday - Online on BBO starting at 7 pm. Alternating weekly with Newton Abbott Bridge Club.

Thursday - F2F starting at 1-00 pm.  Hosted.

Friday - F2F starting at 7-00 pm.

Partners Required.

General Comments:

  • The F2F sessions will be held in the club house at 1 Moor View Terrace, Mutley, Plymouth. 
  • The online BBO evening sessions are open. If you are not a member of PBC and would like to play in these sessions please e-mail your details to [email protected] in order to register.

Tuesday evenings on BBO - Newton Abbot / Plymouth

We are teaming up with Newton Abbot on a Tuesday evening on BBO so that we alternately run the Tuesday evening session at 7pm. The first Newton Abbot session will be on 2nd August and the first Plymouth session will be on 9th August and then we will each run fortnightly.

This will mean that we play a 7-9 table session instead of our current 3-5 tables each. In the search box you can type in new to find the Newton Abbot session and ply to find the Plymouth session.

The respective directors will decide on the number of boards and the minutes per board.

Don has created a combined file of all the user names for Newton Abbot and Plymouth so that we can upload easily to the club websites and the EBU.

For those players who don't like playing with a small number of tables this is an opportunity to play at a good standard with a decent number of tables. Please join in so that we get a good regular number of tables.

RealBridge for ipad users

RealBridge have asked us to send you some more advice about iPads that have been upgraded to iOS 15.
There is a problem where some iPads freeze when they arrive at a table. To solve this problem, RealBridge have updated their advice for iPads with iOS 15, and there are some more settings changes to make.
If you have an iPad, and you have iOS 15, please follow the instructions here:
Even if you did this during the past two weeks, please do it again, as the advice has changed.
If you have been in contact with RealBridge since Wednesday 8 December, they may already have asked you to make these changes.  If so, you don’t need to do anything.  If you are not sure whether you have the latest settings, either go and check whether your iPad has the recommended changes, or contact RealBridge to check.
RealBridge are very happy to help people with this. If you need help, please contact them at:
    Email: [email protected]
    Telephone (UK): 0794 232 2209
    Telephone (non-UK): +44 794 232 2209

Competitions 2024


Pairs competition based on the highest % score in a club session in the year.

1 Mar 23 -28 Feb 24 Beryl Edmonds cup

Congratulations to Charles Greenlees and Bruce Foster who have won the Beryl Edmonds cup with a score of 77.08%.



1 Mar 24 -28 Feb 25 Beryl Edmonds cup

 Beryl Edmonds cup (pianola.net)

Beryl Edmonds cup

We have a very special wooden cup that was played for in the bridge games at Beryl's care home and was won by Beryl herself. It was made by John Young out of lilac wood. 

We have decided that it will be awarded to the pair (both being club members) with the highest % score in the year (1 March - 28 February) in club sessions. The cup will be awarded annually.



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2023 Club Leaderboard

Congratulations to Robert Kilby the club 2023 Master Point Champion

The link below shows the club's top 20.

Plymouth Bridge Club Leaderboard 2023 (ebu.co.uk)


Accessing Realbridge & Recent Boards

ipad users please use Safari

Alerted calls with yellow border (optional)
By default, a call that has been alerted is shown with a red tint. A player can choose to have a yellow border around the alerted call, as well as the red tint.

Players can find the option in the Settings screen (the cog wheel). This setting is remembered for future sessions in the same browser.

Please us the link below to access Realbridge afternoon online duplicate sessions:


If you are not a member of Plymouth Bridge Club please use 'Anonymous' at the bottom of the alphabetical index. 


Connectivity Issues Playing Bridge Online

As a club we have been successfully playing on-line during the pandemic. We have used Bridge Base Online and have experimented with Real Bridge and Bridge Club Live. Real Bridge looks as if it may be the future being a British System that includes sound and vision on the bridge platform making it more like playing bridge in the club room.

The attachment /TinyFileManager/resources/files/59///plymouth bridge club - online bridge advice provides further information and we hope you find it useful and perhaps encourage many of you to look at your own situation so that you can continue to play this wonderful game. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need help.


Steve Lacey (01752 822493)


Charles Greenlees (07950000851)

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