BBO Director and Host Schedule

A schedule of Directors and Hosts for BBO sessions can be found through the following link:

/TinyFileManager/resources/files/59///director and host schedule - october rev4

If you can host on afternoon sessions please e-mail date(s) to [email protected]

As host you need to log into BBO and the appropriate tournament but do nothing else.  If required you will be asked to go to the participants desk and be invited to play.  You need to pay for yourself but your BBO account will be credited with 3BB$.

Bridgebase Online

There's a plethora of YouTube videos to help navigate through all aspects of the BBO website a few of which are shown below.

Buying BB$

Register for a tournament

  Setting up a table with friends

Friends and chatting on BBO

Undoing a miss click on BBO

Changing some account settings

Closing a BBO table

 Creating a Convention Card


BBO Sessions - General Information

In order to play in BBO you must register with BBO and create a BBO User Name and Password.

To play in a club session you need to have BB$ in your account.  To buy BB$ just click on the BB$ icon either on the page before you log in or the Homepage once you are logged in.  Then select Purchase BB$ from the list of options. 

BB$ Icon

Once logged in you will find yourself on the Bridge Base Online Home page.  Under the Play or Watch Bridge listing, (the blue strip) select 'Competitive' and on the next screen select 'All Tournaments'

A current tournament listing will then be loaded.  When the listing appears there is a search option at the top right hand side of the listing and just put in PLY and any Plymouth Bridge Club tournaments will appear.


Select the tournament and a box will appear telling you the entry fee and that the tournament will start in X minutes.

Entry Cost

If you have a partner and you are both logged on to BBO enter your partner's BBO User Name and click Invite. A box indicating invitation in progress then appears.  When accepted you are both registered to play in that tournament.  You can log out but log back in again at least 10 minutes before the start time.

Partner Acceptance

If you haven't got a partner instead of clicking register go to the 'Partnership Desk' and the Director will arrange a partner for you.

 Partnership Desk

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BBO Sessions

BBO Sessions are held on Monday and Thursday afternoons starting at 1pm for club members only.

BBO Sessions are held on Tuesday and Friday evenings starting at 7-15 pm and open to club members and other local Devon and Cornwall Bridge Clubs.

You are able to register for sessions 2 hours before the start time. To register with a partner you both need to be online at the same time.

BBO User Names & Corresponding Member Names

The link below will give you member's BBO User Names

/TinyFileManager/resources/files/59///bbo user names - registered for website

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