10 December 2018

Friday, 01 February 2019 by Pete Tunnicliffe




Minutes of the Club Committee meeting held on Monday 10th December, 2018




               Steve Lacey – Chair

               Pete Tunnicliffe – Vice-Chair                                      

               Diane McGregor – Secretary

Allan Simpson – Membership Secretary

Sue Murkin,  Gill Seymour, Margaret Wotton,    

Andy Carpenter, Ailie Henry, Jenny Young - Trustees                                              

Apologies – Charles Greenlees, Digby Hole.                                                                        


1.            Minutes of meeting held on Monday 14th  October 2018

The Minutes were approved as a correct record.


2.            Treasurers Report

In the absence of the Treasurer the Chairman presented the accounts.  There were no questions. 


3.            Building, Maintenance and Improvements

Bridge Room – An estimate of  £2869.40 had been received to decorate the Bridge Room.  This was agreed.  The Club will be closed from the 20th December until the 3rd January for the work to be carried out.

Fire Safety – The ladder on the flat roof (to be used in the event of fire on the upper floors) has vanished.  Agreed to investigate the cost of inserting rungs into the wall from the upper floors  to the back yard.

Tea Room – Arrangements to be made to remove two extractor fans and make good the walls.  The strip lights to be replaced with LED lights in the tea room.

Gutter – The gutter in the back yard needs cleaning.

PAT Test – An electrician to be asked to PAT test all the equipment at the club.

Leak in chess room – A volunteer to be asked to seal the windows in the hope of curing the leak.


4.            Competitions Committee Report

Pete explained Blue Points and pointed out that they could be allocated by a club on 2 occasions throughout the year for the winners of its major Championships.  This, for Plymouth, seems most appropriate for the Winter Cup and the Tudor Winter Cup which finish at the end of the year. The points are awarded by the EBU when the club sends a spread sheet to them with the details of all the competitors and with allocation of Blue Points to the winners.  Pete undertook to send the details to the EBU. The cost is £2.76 per table of 4.

Pete gave details of the Playday  to be held January 12th when players will compete for 2 cups:   The Northcott Cup (open) and  the Jan Plumb Cup (NGS 4 and below).

Players can only win one cup!  Pasties available.  Please put names on the notice board.

The  web site to be updated soon.


5.            Membership Secretary Report

Membership application forms had been received from Caroline Theyer, Tony Blewitt and Russ Hanson.  These were all approved.

A letter from the EBU – Refusing Membership – consultation with clubs and counties – had been received and read by the Committee.  The Committee agreed  that there was no need to comment on the proposal.


6.            Evening Bridge                                                                                                          

Andy and Ali had worked hard to keep the Wednesday and Friday evening sessions going.  This is becoming more difficult as numbers are still falling.  Strategies to encourage more players to come along in the evening were discussed.  Andy had produced a questionnaire and would distribute to members for completion.  There would be a hosting system on Wednesdays in place from January.  Complaints had been received about poor etiquette at the table.  A notice, reminding members of Bridge etiquette, will be displayed.  If a player is unhappy with any aspect of etiquette the Director should be called.


7.            Bridge Lessons

Four beginners will start their second term in January.  If an intermediate topic is of interest to members,they will be welcome to attend that lesson  on payment of £6.

The EBU have produced an accelerated course enabling Bridge to be taught in 24 hours.  It is hoped to offer this course over two weekends in the Summer.

Laura Porro will be in the Club on Wednesday 20th March to teach the Jacobi convention.


8.            Any Other Business

               Only items notified in advance will be discussed at the meeting unless it is urgent.


9.            Date of Next Meeting

The next meetings will be Monday 14th January and Monday 11th February at 5 p.m.

The AGM will be held on Monday 25th March.