15 October 2018

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Minutes of the Club Committee meeting held on Monday 15th October 2018




               Steve Lacey – Chair

               Charles Greenlees – Treasurer                                                                 

               Diane McGregor – Secretary

Allan Simpson – Membership Secretary

Digby Hole, Sue Murkin, Margaret Wotton,        

Ailie Henry, Jenny Young - Trustees                       

Apologies – Richard Ayres, Gill Seymour, Pete Tunnicliffe


1.            Minutes of meeting held on Monday 24th September 2018

The Minutes were approved as a correct record.


2.            Treasurers Report

Charles presented the Profit and Loss Account as at the 30th September and answered all questions.  Table money and Subscriptions have increased since last year.  Charles informed the Committee that if income exceeds £25,000 the way the accounts are audited will change.

Charles was thanked for producing the accounts.


3.            Building, Maintenance and Improvements

Fire Alarm – The fire alarm will be serviced and a quote, for re-siting the alarm, obtained on the 22nd October.

Bridge Room – New LED lights had been fitted.  A price to be requested for decorating the room and washing the wooden panels.

KettlesAgreed to replace kettles as needed and not invest in a water boiler.  Also agreed that the Host be responsible for turning on the dishwasher (to wash the morning and lunchtime cups) at 1 p.m.


4.            Competitions Committee Report

The Northcott Cup competition, planned for the 6th October had been cancelled through lack of support.  It is intended to hold this competition on the 12th January.

Monday 5th November – Joan Till Cup open to members up to NGS 4

Wednesday 14th and Thursday 15th November ECATS Sim Pairs in aid of Children in Need.


5.            Membership Secretary Report

Charles tabled membership application forms for those having lessons on Monday mornings and proposed that they have free membership until April next year when they would pay the normal annual subscription.  A vote was taken and the motion carried.


6.            Christmas Party                                                                                                         

The party will be held on Thursday 13th December.  The price of the tickets will be £10; maximum number of tables will be 12.  Steve Lacey will direct. 


7.            Any other business

a.   Correspondence.  A letter had been received from Susan Gregory expressing concern about the fair distribution of hands at an evening session.  This was discussed at some length and explained, with input from Andy Carpenter and Ali Blake, that over a number of sessions the hands overall should come out even.  Steve will reply to Susan Gregory.

b. Room letting.  A request had been received to hire the downstairs room and tea room for a War Games evening.  This was refused.

c. Rubbish.  Allan Simpson asked if the rubbish which is blocking the back yard entrance was arisings from the carpet fitting which should have been removed.   It was stated that Pete Tunnicliffe had agreed to remove this along with other scrap on his return from holiday.

d. Monday Bridge.  Ailie Henry had asked for clarification on the definition of ACOL for the ACOL only bridge session.  It was agreed that a copy of a simple ACOL convention card from the EBU website would be reviewed and if appropriate make it available for use on Monday afternoons.

e.  Evening Bridge.  It was suggested that if there could be an earlier start/finish to evening sessions more members might attend.  Steve to ask members for their opinion.


8.            Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on the Monday 19th November at 5 p.m.