24 September 2018

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Minutes of the Club Committee meeting held on Monday 24th September 2018




               Steve Lacey – Chair

               Charles Greenlees – Treasurer                                                                 

               Diane McGregor – Secretary

Allan Simpson – Membership Secretary

Richard Ayres, Digby Hole, Sue Murkin, Pete Tunnicliffe, Margaret Wotton,    

Apologies – Ailie Henry, Gill Seymour, Jenny Young.


1.            Minutes of meeting held on Monday 20th August 2018

The Minutes were approved as a correct record.


2.            Matters Arising From Minutes                                                                              

Evening Bridge – Monday evening Bridge will not be reinstated.  Wednesday and Friday Bridge will continue although there have been no volunteers for hosting on a Wednesday.

Bridge Lessons – Fifteen people are attending the new series of lessons.  It is hoped new people will be encouraged to join.  The   EBU have introduced an accelerated learning course for beginners.  Pete to make enquiries.                                        


3.            Treasurers Report

Charles presented the Profit and Loss Account as at the 31st August and answered all questions.

Considering the amount of work carried out on the building over the last few months, the bank balance is very healthy.

Charles was thanked for producing the accounts.


4.            Building, Maintenance and Improvements

Carpet  – The carpet in the hall and stairs has been fitted and painting finished.  There is still some rubble to be taken to the tip but this will be done in the near future.  Thanks to John Allder and Tom Gall for adjusting the doors to fit over the carpet, and to Allan Simpson for offering to varnish the front door when time permits.

Fire Alarm – The Fire Service are due to visit on Monday 1st October.

Bridge Room – New LED lights to be fitted, the ceiling to be made good and room decorated.  New curtains to be bought and the Honours Boards, as suggested by Christine Maunder, to be double banked and moved.


5.            Competitions Committee Report

On 17th September the Devon Air Ambulance SIM pairs competition was held.  Pete asked whether, in future bridge players could be made aware of the charity and donations, in addition to the table money, would be accepted.

The Northcott Cup competition, planned for the 6th October may be cancelled through lack of support.  Future competitions are:

Thursday 4th October – Rupert Shiner Salver open to members up to NGS 6.

Thursday 11th October – Joan Hefferman Cup open to members up to NGS 8

Monday 5th November – Joan Till Cup open to members up to NGS 4

Allan Simpson asked if the EBU Club stratified SIM Pairs competition could be held.  This would incur an extra charge of £2.30 per person.  Members to be asked their opinion.


6.            Membership Secretary Report

Allan stated that beginners who started lessons in January with free membership should now join the club but pay the half yearly subscription of £6.  Those that started lessons this September will have free membership until next April when they should then pay the annual subscription.


7.            Any other business                                                                                                                 

Christmas Party – There will be no bridge on the afternoon of Thursday 13th December as a cheese and wine Christmas Party will be held at 5 p.m. on that day.  Margaret Wootton will organise the party with help from Allan Simpson, Ailie Henry, Sue Murkin, Charles Greenlees and Diane McGregor.  Steve Lacey had offered to Direct on that day.  A notice will be put on the board and Margaret will arrange a meeting of helpers in the near future.


8.            Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on the Monday 15th October at 5 p.m.