15 January 2018 Minutes

Wednesday, 07 February 2018 by Pete Tunnicliffe




Minutes of the Club Committee meeting held on Monday 15th January 2018




               Steve Lacey - Chair                                                                                                    

Charles Greenlees – Treasurer

               Diane McGregor – Secretary

Richard Ayres, Jim Dunn  , Sue Murkin, Anne Worthington 

Ailie Henry, Jenny Young - Trustees

Apologies:  Pete Tunnicliffe


1.            Minutes of meeting held on Monday 27th November 2017


Many thanks to Anne for producing the Minutes which were approved as a correct record. 


2.            Matters Arising


Course for Directors –In abeyance            

Evening Bridge – To be discussed after the A.G.M. in March.

Bridge Lessons – Bridge lessons started on the morning of 15th January, six beginners and seven improvers attended.  The Thursday evening bridge lessons started on 11th January.

Trustee – Gard & Co had been contacted and the paperwork received.


3.            Treasurer’s Report


The Profit and Loss Account to the 31st December 2017 was presented and accepted.


4.            Building, Maintenance and Improvements


The works had been completed except for minor improvements and flooring in the disabled toilet and the WC upstairs. 

The plastering and painting had been completed but this was hindered by the walls being damp on the top landing.  This is being caused by the porous tiles on the roof.  As the roof was repaired in 2016, it was agreed to contact Francis Bettinson (Surveyor) to try and rectify the matter. Charles Greenlees

The kitchen worktop is showing marks where the teapots are placed.  Jim offered to obtain some silicon adhesive to insulate the base of the teapots in the hope this may stop further damage. Jim Dunn

The wall by the bin is getting stained by people being careless when depositing tea bags.  The wall to be covered in a washable material..

Net curtains for the hall windows to be purchased. Diane McGregor

Ailie and Charles were thanked for overseeing all the work whilst Steve was away over Christmas.


5.            Competitions Committee Report


Michael Easterbrook won the Tudor Winter Cup and Martin Jones won the sweepstake.  As it proved popular, it was agreed to hold another sweepstake on the result of future competitions.  The competition for the Schofield Cup started on the 11th January and the David Wing Cup is to be played.  Also the EBU Stratified Simultaneous Pairs competition. 

Two teams, one from Devon and one from Cornwall have been entered for the Garden City Trophy to be held in Exeter.  The Club has paid the entry fee, but travel to be paid by the competitors.


6.            Correspondence


A letter had been received from Alan Simpson confirming he had liaised with Andy to update scoring training notes with reference to stratification.  He also made the Committee aware of changes to the General Data Protection Regulations coming into effect on 28th May 2018.  This to be discussed at the next meeting.


7.            Annual General Meeting


               This will be held at 6 p.m. on Monday 26th March, to be discussed at the next meeting.


8.            Christmas Get Together


This was a great success, enjoyed by all.  Many thanks to Morag, Ailie and Charles for all their hard work.


9.            Dates of Next Meetings


               Meetings will be held on:

Monday 5th February 2018 at 5 p.m.

Monday 5th March 2018 at. 5 p.m.

Annual General Meeting  Monday 26th  March 2018 at 6 p.m.