16 July 2018

Saturday, 01 September 2018 by Pete Tunnicliffe



Minutes of the Club Committee meeting held on Monday 16th July 2018




               Steve Lacey – Chair

               Charles Greenlees – Treasurer                                                                 

               Diane McGregor – Secretary

Richard Ayres, Sue Murkin, Gill Seymour, Margaret Wotton,                                

Ailie Henry, Jenny Young - Trustees

Apologies – Digby Hole, Alan Simpson, Pete Tunnicliffe,


1.            Minutes of meeting held on Monday 18th June 2018

The Minutes were approved as a correct record.


2.            Matters Arising From Minutes

Telephone – The telephone is now working.                                                                                    

Parking – The Chairman had written to the City Council, regarding a disabled parking space, and is awaiting a reply.              

Evening Bridge – Sue Gregory had requested a hosting rota for Wednesday evenings.  A notice, requesting volunteers, to be placed on the notice board.                                                              


3.            Treasurers Report

Charles presented the Profit and Loss Account as at the 30th June 2018 and answered all questions.

The account for the work on the roof had been paid at the beginning of July.  We are awaiting the payment for the shared work on the chimney. 

The cheque for £500 had been received from Howdens.

Charles was thanked for producing the accounts.


4.            Building, Maintenance and Improvements

Decorating – An estimate of £330 had been received to complete decoration of the top floor and £230 for finishing the hall. 

Card Room – An estimate of £2400 had been received to decorate the ceiling and walls of the Card Room.  Three companies to be approached for suggestions to improve the lighting.  A decision has yet to be made whether to varnish or paint the wooden wall panels.

Shelves and cupboard – A price to be requested..              

Carpet – Carpet samples will be   obtained.                                           Action House Committee              


5.            Competitions Committee Report

The ECATS simultaneous pairs event in aid of Kidney Research was played on the 12th July. 


6.            Membership Secretary Report

The new membership forms have been produced and will be kept in the Card Room.

17 people have not renewed their membership, 7 of these have indicated they do not intend to renew, the other 10 will be notified that their membership will lapse if not renewed by the 31st July and they will need to submit an application to re-join.  The number of members is higher than last year.     




7.            Any other business

Cheque signatory – Jenny Young was asked to provide proof of date of birth to the Secure Trust Account.                                                                                                                      

Bridge Lessons – Monday morning lessons will recommence on the 17th September and will be held over three terms.  A rota for teachers will be circulated.  Thursday evening lessons will commence on the 27th September.


8.            Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on the20th August at 5 p.m.