18 June2018

Thursday, 09 August 2018 by Pete Tunnicliffe




Minutes of the Club Committee meeting held on Monday 18th June 2018



               Steve Lacey – Chair

      Pete Tunnicliffe – Vice-Chair

               Charles Greenlees – Treasurer

Alan Simpson – Membership Secretary                                                                 

               Diane McGregor – Secretary

Richard Ayres, Sue Murkin, Gill Seymour, Margaret Wotton,                                

Ailie Henry, Andy Carpenter – Trustees

Apologies – Digby Hole and Jenny Young.


1.            Minutes of meeting held on Monday 30th April 2018

The Minutes were approved as a correct record.


2.            Matters Arising From Minutes

GDPR  -  An e-mail or letter had been sent to all members informing them of the change in privacy policy.                                                                                                            Action Allan Simpson

Course for Directors – A course for Directors – “Run a duplicate bridge session” –  will be held on the 27th June at a house in Ladock. The course will be held from 9.30 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. organised by Jim Frances.  Eileen Clout and Dave Gribbins haveexpressed an interest in attending (to be confirmed).                                                                                                                  Action Pete Tunnicliffe.              

Bridge Lessons – A flier will be produced to advertise these lessons and a complimentary tea and cake session arranged for interested parties.  This to be before the new term of lessons which start on the 17th September.                                                                     Action Steve Lacey


3.            Treasurers Report

Charles presented the Profit and Loss Account as at the 31st May 2018 and answered all questions.

Income is up on last year.  The Chess Club will be away for the Summer.  The money received from book loans and purchase will be donated to Devon Air Ambulance.  Agreed that members would take responsibility for making the tea for Monday and Thursday afternoon Bridge.  Claire to be asked to work an extra hour a week.  The Committee thanked Charles for producing the Accounts.


4.            Correspondence

A letter had been received about a member at the Club, after discussion it was agreed to offer lessons to the person concerned.

A request had been received for the Committee to approach Plymouth City Council to ask for a designated disabled parking space.                                                                        Action Steve Lacey


5.            Building, Maintenance and Improvements

Telephone – Allan had tested the telephone outside the Bridge Club and it worked well but does not function inside.  Allan to explore replacement options.                             Action Allan Simpson              

Roofing - South West Roofing has resolved the leak and is progressing well replacing the roof.  Work has come to a halt until a permit is received enabling the scaffolding to be moved.  Work should be finished (including re-pointing the chimney) in a couple of weeks.  The decoration of the top floor can then be completed.

Carpet - Prices to be obtained for carpeting the hall and stairs, samples to be obtained.

Action House Committee

Kitchen – To replace the damaged part of the worktop would necessitate removing all of it and incur further expense to the club.  This can be done but, as an alternative, Howdens had offered compensation of £600 in lieu.  It was decided to keep the worktop we have and accept the £600.  The ceiling to be repaired in the tea room and the kitchen and tea room decorated.                                                                                                                                                     Action House Committee

Bridge Room – It is proposed to replace the lighting and decorate the Bridge Room.  Members to be asked for their decorating suggestions.                                            Action House Committee

Fire Safety – Training had taken place on fire safety.  A rota of persons responsible for weekly fire checks is now displayed on the notice board.

Ladies Toilet – There is a minor leak in the Ladies toilet.  Once this is rectified the flooring will be replaced.                                                                                                       Action House Committee

Shelves and cupboard – A price to be obtained to build a cupboard, with shelves over, in the Bridge room.                                                                                                Action House Committee                             

6.            Competitions Committee Report

A successful Playday had been held on Saturday 15th June.  The Pellow Cup was won by Michael Easterbrook and Steve Lacey.  The next Playday will be for the Northcott Cup on the 6th October.  The profit to go to ECATS.  Pete had set up a Facebook page for the club but it is not yet active.


7.            Membership Secretary Report

Allan will send a reminder to the 17 members who had not renewed their membership.  It was decided that anyone wishing to join the club be asked to attend as a visitor for three sessions and then complete an application form.  This to be seconded by two members who had played with the visitor over the three sessions.  A new application form to be produced to facilitate the amended criteria.                                                                                        Action Allan Simpson


8.            Evening Bridge

The committee discussed the viability of our evening bridge sessions.  Wednesday and Friday evenings were holding up well but Monday evenings were a struggle.  It was noted that an approach had been made to the Armada Club to explore possible  ways of working together and it was possible discussions might take place in future.  In the short term it was agreed to suspend Monday evening sessions during July, August and September after which the committee would review the situation.  Andy was thanked for the efforts he was making to maintain and organise evening bridge.


9.            Any other business

It was suggested that the tables in the Bridge room be moved to create more space.  This was agreed.                                                                                                          Action Richard Ayres


10.         Dates of Next Meetings

Meetings to be held at 5 p.m. on the following dates

16th July                                                                                                                        

20th August

17th September

15th October                                                                                                                

19th November

10th December

21st January                                                                                                                 

18th February

18th March