30 April 2018

Wednesday, 20 June 2018 by Pete Tunnicliffe





Minutes of the Club Committee meeting held on Monday 30th April 2018




               Steve Lacey – Chair

               Pete Tunnicliffe – Vice-Chair

               Charles Greenlees – Treasurer

Alan Simpson – Membership Secretary                                                                 

               Diane McGregor – Secretary

Richard Ayres, Digby Hole, Sue Murkin, Gill Seymour, Margaret Wotton,

Ailie Henry; Jenny Young - Trustees


1.            Minutes of meeting held on Monday 16th April 2018


The Minutes were approved as a correct record.


2.            Matters Arising From Minutes


GDPR  - The draft Privacy Policy was approved by the Committee and will now be emailed, or sent by post, to all members.  There will be a link (GDPR) on the Bridge Club website.

Course for Directors – A one day course for Directors is to be held in Truro shortly.  Enquiries to be made whether there are any places available.                           (Action Pete Tunnicliffe)

Tablecloths for tea room – Thanks to Margaret who had bought, and cut to size, the wipe clean tablecloths. 

Telephone – Tesco to be contacted as the telephone is still not working.

Room Booking – There are now three sets of keys for the back door.  A notice ,Notes for using the building,, which includes phone numbers of key holders, is now displayed on the notice board in the upstairs room and on the notice board in the hall.  Gill asked about the fire exits, these were pointed out.  The Fire Service would soon be attending to test the fire alarms.

Bridge Lessons – Suggestions to promote Bridge lessons were discussed.  It was proposed to display a notice in libraries and church halls advertising the lessons for beginners and to hold a free ‘taster’ session, tea and cake, probably in July.  Pete was hoping to set up a Bridge Club Facebook page in the near future.  Several of our teachers were to attend the Devon Bridge Teachers’ Association meeting in May.

Logo  - Decided not to take any action on this suggestion and to use the EBU logo where appropriate.


3.            Correspondence


A letter had been received from St. Malo Bridge Club advertising their annual event in August


4.            Building, Maintenance and Improvements


Roofing - South West Roofing are hoping to start work on the chimney and roof on the 11th June. 

Carpet - Prices to be obtained for carpeting the hall and stairs, colour to be decided at a later date.

Kitchen - There had been a problem fitting a new worktop in the kitchen.  A representative from Howden’s will visit to decide on alternative options.

Bridge Room – The Committee were asked for suggestions on decorating the Bridge room.


5.            Competitions Committee Report


Pete presented a draft schedule of Competitions for 2018/19.  It is intended to hold a Sim pairs competition on the 4th May and the Pellow Cup competition on the 16th June.  There would be an evening floating cup competition for 5 tables or more.  It was also hoped to arrange a Playday


6.            Application Form and Welcome Letter for new members.


Allan presented the new Application Form and Welcome Letter for new members which were both approved by the Committee.  28 members had not renewed their membership to date.


7.            Any other business


               Public Liability Insurance – this should be displayed on the noticeboard.

Pianola vs Bridgewebs – Pete had looked into the differences between the two systems.  It was decided to stay with Pianola.

Access to Pianola Administration – This to be modified.   Membership Secretary to be the only one allowed to alter members’ personal details.

Email address – Pete is in the process of setting up an email address for Committee members which will take the form of [email protected] which will cost £18 per annum. 


8.            Dates of Next Meetings


Meetings to be held at 5 p.m. on the following dates

18th June

16th July                                                                                                                        

20th August

17th September

15th October                                                                                                                

19th November

10th December

21st January                                                                                                                 

18th February

18th March